M&A Diligence

Successful transactions require effective diligence to ensure that the strengths of the target company are understood, and the gaps or risks are thoroughly vetted. Any issues need to be discounted into the acquisition price and factored into robust contingency plans to ensure the acquisition delivers on or exceeds the desired growth objectives.

CPG Advisor, LLC specializes in the following diligence areas:

  • Product line and key offering strengths/gaps vs competitive alternatives (technical as well as consumer/market SWOT)
  • Strength of product pipeline and emerging portfolio segments
  • Industry trends or emerging issues that may impact product offerings
  • R&D (research, product development, applications teams, QA lab, etc.) organizational capabilities, strengths, key players to ensure are retained
  • Regulatory strategy depth vs segment and geography requirements
  • Supply chain staff capabilities (procurement, engineering, etc.)
  • Technical matters that must be addressed in post-deal integration plan
  • Integration strategies to ensure acquired assets and teams perform as desired within acquiring entity